Sale of Milk and Cheese

Sale of aged Grana Padano

The Sant' Angelo Social Dairy was born as a Cooperative in 1959 in Campitello di Marcaria (MN) with an initial engagement of 100 Founding Partners and a quantity of processed milk of about 
30,000 q.

The cooperative deals with the production and sale of various products:

  • production and sale of milk
  • production and sale of typical Mantuan cheeses
  • production and sale of Grana Padano Dop and seasoned Grana          Padano 
  • production and sale of cold meats.

The Dairy deals with the sale of milk in cisterns for farms and breeding of pigs for slaughter.

With regard to the production of Grana Padano cheese, nine months after its production, it is marked by the officials of the " Grana Padano cheese conservation consortium"; in fact, they are the ones who control the certifying body CSQA.

In the absence of such a mark, the cheese can not be called or marketed as "Grana Padano"

Pig rearing

Sale of pigs for slaughter

aged Grana Padano
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