Production of Grana Padano DOP

Rearing of pigs for slaughter

The Sant'Angelo Dairy has been producing and selling Grana Padano DOP for about 40 years, in Italy and abroad.

The products made at the Mantuan dairy are certified by the awards that the company has received over the years, quality awards such as the first prize in the "Typical Mantovani Cheeses - Terra di Virgilio 1996" competition and the Gambero Rosso e Fiera Prize Millenaria by Gonzaga.

At the company store you can buy Grana Padano seasoned up to 32 months, as well as butter and salami. In addition to the production of cheeses and milk, the Mantuan company deals with the breeding of animals and pigs for slaughter.

Over the years, the structure has undergone various strengthening and growth processes, and today, after nearly half a century of activity, the organization has 23 members, 10 employees, a production and storage unit with an annual turnover of 
around € 8,000,000.

production and sale of Grana Padano
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